Junior Leadership Program

Today’s youth are faced with more challenges than any teens in the history of the modern world.  They are the first digital natives who have had to simultaneously battle cyberbullying and the influence and addition of social media during a world-wide pandemic which has caused limited social interaction and a lack of healthy in-person role models resulting in the highest levels of depression and anxiety in teens to date.   JLBR’s Leadership Program will help youth gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and find their inner passion resulting in new possibilities and brighter futures.  

The Junior League’s Leadership Program will provide an opportunity for underserved teens to interact with peers in a productive and safe environment which provides structure, empowerment, and resources to move a positive future through improved confidence, self-awareness, and the ability to lead change for others.  

Our curriculum combines resources from The Student Leadership Challenge, a research-based program by James M. Kouzes and Barry Posner and Franklin Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Youth will also be exposed to high-quality speakers and new experiences through partnerships with non-profit organizations. 

Teens will acquire leadership skills through attending workshop seminars with high quality professionals who will mentor, guide, and support their development using research-based practices and creating and participating in community service activities.  

3 main objectives of the program:

  1. Instill confidence in underserved teens 
  2. Develop the leadership skills of underserved teens using the following curriculum resources: The Student Leadership Challenge, a research-based program by James M. Kouzes, and Barry Posner and Franklin Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.
  3. Provide scholarship opportunities for post-secondary options 

Support for the program will cover:

  1. Textbooks/Materials
  2. Transportation
  3. Teacher/Mentors
  4. Scholarships 

Please check back soon for updates on the launch of this new initiative.