Director of Philanthropy

We are excited to announce the addition of Lisa Warren as our organization’s Director of Philanthropy!  Lisa will be working with the JLBR as a contractor part-time to assist our volunteers by serving as a mentor and resource to our fundraisers – their chairs and committees.  Additionally, she will be working on formalizing and executing strategies in which we can expand our community partnership program while sustaining and tracking donor relationships from year to year.  This is a new position for our organization and we realize that it will likely morph as we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our organization, partners, and community.

Learn more about Lisa in a recent interview about her new position with JLBR!

The Director of Philanthropy position has been researched and discussed by JLBR Boards over the course ofmany years.  While we agree at this stage that our organization does not need a staff “fundraiser” or “solicitor,” we do realize that a leadership source is necessary to work with our volunteers to strengthen the goals and results they are tasked with producing when leading fundraising efforts on behalf of the JLBR.  The JLBR and its members have been raising money successfully for decades – accomplishing many wonderful things for our community and our organization!  We believe this position is necessary to make the biggest impact on our members, partners, and community as we continue to develop ways to meet the needs of our organization.

As a long-standing member of the JLBR, Lisa has served as a volunteer in a variety of capacities on all councils.  In addition, she has also actively served her community through her involvement in other non-profit organizations both personally and professionally.  Lisa is President and owner of Lisa Warren, Inc., a consulting business that assists non-profit and for-profit businesses with fund development, marketing, and public relations.  We look forward to formally introducing her as the Director of Philanthropy to our membership and the community in the upcoming months.

Those of you that know Lisa, or have had the opportunity to work with her, have likely observed her passion for the JLBR and operating strategically.  We look forward to her contributions to the JLBR as the Director ofPhilanthropy!  In the upcoming weeks, you will likely meet and/or hear from Lisa.  In the meantime, should you need to contact her, please feel free to send her an email at