2015-2016 JLBR Award Recipients

Congratulations to the amazing JLBR award recipients for the 2015-2016 year!


Founders Award: Allison Lane (Nominating Advisor, Endowment Board Member)

She has been an active member of the Junior League of Boca Raton since 2006. She was a member of nominating this year (and for the past few years) and sits on the JLBR Endowment board. For the past two years she organized the Raise the Bar event for Endowment, and event that raised over $14,000!

She also volunteers with the George Snow Foundation, Florence Fuller, and is on the Executive Board for the Boca Raton Historical Society. She is a personal injury attorney. She has been nominated by her peers and clients as Super Lawyer Rising Star for the last four years. She and her husband Jonny are the parents of two beautiful daughters, Lane and Brooks.


Outstanding Service Award: Yvette Drucker (Impact Manager, State Public Affairs Committee Chair)

She grew up in Miami and moved to Boca Raton 12 years ago. Her background was in Human Resources Management and Strategic Client Implementation. Currently, she is a full time professional volunteer and advocate for various social issues. She is the Impact Manager and also sits on the Florida State of Public Affairs Committee as their chair. She also a member of Historic Preservation Board, a city appointed position, Boca Raton Historical Society Incoming President & Boca Bacchanal committee member 2016, Calusa Elementary PTA President & Board Legislative Liaison. She spends her free time with her husband, 2 children and cooking, dancing, and reading! She is also an avid collector of cookbooks.


Torch Award: Alexis Nasti (Social Media Chair)

She has gone above and beyond to ensure that JLBR is a constant presence in social media feeds, highlighting our community impact, our events and our amazing members. She has created amazing graphics and meme’s that are both thoughtful and engaging. She has not only been responsive to fellow chairs and committee members wanting to share news and promote events, but she ensures that all inquiries and comments that are posted through social media are responded to quickly. So much so that the JLBR Facebook account has a 100% response rate. Facebook followers: 2,333 on average organic reach to 700 people. Instagram followers: over 1,000, 2.8% average love rate (engagement). Twitter followers: 3,201

On numerous occasions, she has graciously put her graphic design talents to great use to further the mission of JLBR by creating graphics not only for social media, but for special events including the Trick or Treat so Others Can Eat and recent Garden Anniversary Celebration.   She has mentored her social media committee members as well as her fellow committee chairs to ensure that the JLBR is using social media to the best of our abilities and is staying on top of the ever changing world of social media

She is originally from Connecticut, but has lived in South Florida for over 25 years. During the day she works as a Graphic Designer for a publishing company and on the weekends she enjoys teaching yoga (she has even done this at garden events). Outside of the Junior League you can find her doing her favorite things — practicing yoga, going on adventures with her husband, Mike, and their dog, Sunny, cooking, playing board games, or reading. She is passionate about giving back to her community and is happy she can do so with the JLBR.


Starburst Award: Barbara Sageman (Membership Development and WVOY Committee Member)

With over 15 years of experience serving in leadership roles, she has applied her ability to both communicate and execute vision to a variety of projects. Adept at analysis and strategic planning, she has cost-effectively brought innovation to a number of programs and processes. She has successfully garnered support in professional and community service capacities, exceeding revenue goals and developing essential partnerships. Her ability to identify, cultivate, and steward key relationships has served to elevate brands and create business opportunities. Committed to collaboration within and across fields, she serves as member of many professional organizations and seeks teaching and advising roles as opportunities to maximize her contribution. She is dedicated to both a personal performance and a leadership style that reflect her values; fostering continuous improvement, integrity, and cooperation.

She double placed this year on Membership Development and Woman Volunteer of the Year. She organized social events developed strong relationships with Provisionals. She was always willing to jump in and help, keeping a smile on her face.


Outstanding Sustainer Award: Lisa Miller (Endowment President)

She moved to Boca Raton in 2004 and joined the Junior League of Boca Raton shortly thereafter. She was previously a member of the Junior League of Tucson (Arizona). She has served on the JLBR Endowment Board for the past several years and served the last two years as President of the board. She is also a member of the board of directors for her homeowner’s association. She works in the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs raising money for the university. She teaches in the MBA programs for Lynn University, University of Phoenix and Keiser University. She is currently writing a book on women in the workforce and an ibook for a graduate level marketing course. She recently shared that she is in the process of adopting a foster child.


You Rock – Julie Lander (Recruiting Chair)

She made over 1,000 phone calls to prospects. She organized tremendously successful open house and recruiting socials

  • November: 32 attendees.
  • June: 35 attendees, 22 signed up on the spot.
  • Tanzy: over 60 attendees, 15 signed up on the spot

She sent over 450 letters to women that attended events, thanking them whether they joined the league or not. She cleaned up the prospect list by calling every contact to gauge their interest and then turned over 200 names to the new chair. She created a roadmap, year log, timeline and procedures. She also wrote and selected pictures for a JLBR brochure.

She earned an MBA in International Business from Lynn University and is currently working as a local realtor. She enjoys traveling and being in the moment with friends. She always knew she wanted to give back and volunteer, as a result joined JLBR. It turned out to be a perfect fit! She never imagined acquiring the close knit friendships, but now could not fathom her life without them.